• Manufacturing


    We set up modern parts machining factory and made our own CNC Cam machine lines.
    All Cams and critical parts are done in house, through on line inspection and off line check to insure all parts quality conform to our standard.
    Our sub-suppliers are specially selected from the crowds, not only capacity but also skill , facility and management should on the same level as us.


    We have 4 assembly lines cover all modes, capacity over 100 units ATC cambox per day. All workers were fully training before join the assembly lines.
    Every product we made detail Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P) for assembling person, not only assembly but also on line inspection Instruction. Every worker has to check and fill up the inspection sheet before Deliver the goods to next step. This system can make sure all products are finished without problems. Also all products sold, we filed full set of documents for retrace.


    Sales and service department is our window to face worldwide clients to provide all information which they need. Quality, Price, Delivery & Service are core of this business. We always remember to achieve this 4 points while dealing with customers.

    Products category

    Spindle taper #15/20
    Machine Type
    Vertical/Horizontal machine
    Double column machine
    Complex Lathe
    Cycle time 0.5~1.0 sec 0.5~1.2 sec 0.8~2.0 sec 1.8~4.0 sec
    Drive motor Servo or Inverter Servo or Inverter Servo/Inverter/Induction Servo/Inverter/Induction

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