Most of the parts not only made by high precision CNC machines but also checked carefully by QC facility such as precision coordinate measuring machine. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we adopted strict factory inspection standard. Each single parts need to make within our requirements. High quality parts not only boost our productivity but also good for after sale service. Every unit was assembly and check according to our standard operation process (S.O.P.). We did final automatic running test, accuracy checking and electric system test before dispatch. The testing result also deliver to customers with products. Full set report of each products included assembly and testing was filed for after sale service.


Model GE-30 GE-40 GE-50
Spindle taper ISO30 ISO40 ISO50
In-Out Stroke 85mm 114mm 165mm
Max. Speed 0.8 sec/cycle 1.2sec/cycle 2.1 sec/cycle
Max. tool weight 3 kg/each side 8kg/each side 25 kg/each side
Driven Motor 1/3Hp 3/4Hp 1.5Hp
Indexing Accuracy +- 30 sec. +- 30 sec. +- 30 sec.
Max. Torque 17.3 kgf-m 21.4kgf-m 25.4 kgf-m
Life Time Over 1,500,000 times Over 1,000,000 times Over 1,000,000 times
Lubrication Oil bath Oil bath Oil bath
Weight 75kg 95kg 140kg

• Specification may change without notice


Camg rinding

Cams and Cam follower

Cam box milling and boring

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